Palm Shore

You are invited to join QMJ Properties, partners with Solid Door Investments, in purchasing an 88-unit apartment community in Galveston, Texas. 
This is a 506(c) offering only for Accredited Investors.

Property Highlights

88 Units

Built in 1968

Asset Class C

93% Occupancy

$7,418,000 Purchase Price

$650,000 Cap Ex Budget

$989 Current Rent Per Unit

$84,295 Price Per Unit

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We Offer Two Investment Classes

Class A Investors

Referred to as our Preferred Equity Investor, will receive a 10% return on their investment. Class A members will be paid monthly with no delayed first payment. Class A members do not participate in the equity at sale or refinance, but they do participate in depreciation on the asset. A minimum of $75,000 is required for Class A investors.

Sample $100,000 Investment – Class A Members
This tier offers stronger projected cash flow and reduced risk compared to Class B Limited Partners.

Class B Investors

Referred to as our Common Equity Investor, will receive a 7% return on their investment.  Class B members will be paid quarterly with their first payment starting 6 months after close of escrow.  Class B members will receive a 12% Annualized Return* on their investment at sale or refinance for a combined total of 19% Annualized Return (AAR).  A minimum of $50,000 investment is required for Class B Investors.

 *12% annualized return will be paid upon sale or refinance for a combined AAR of 19%.

Sample $100,000 Investment – Class B Members
This tier has reduced projected cash-on-cash returns; however, it offers greater participation upon disposition of the asset.

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